The Czech Hydrogeologists' Association

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The Czech Hydrogeologists' Association (CHA) is an independent, professional and voluntary organisation representing hydrogeologists in the Czech Republic and advocating their specialist interests. It was founded in 1991 and comprises about 270 members at the moment. The Association is a member organisation of the Union of Geologlogical Associations, where it co-operates closely with its partnership associations: The Czech Association of Engineering Geology, the Czech Association of Applied Geophysics and the Czech Association of Deposit Geoology. Through the Geological Associations's Union, the CHA is linked to European organisations -the Union is a member of the European Federation of Geologists, which co-operates closely with the European Commission in Brussels in developing the European guidelines and other regulations in areas concerning geology.

Main areas of CHA's activities:

  • Consultations with state authorities as part of the preparations of legal enactments of interest to hydrogeological public
  • Providing information for the CHA's members regarding major events and other activities
  • Publishing CHA newsletter
  • Co-organising congresses on hydrogeology
  • Professional training programme - specialist classes and seminars, preparation of certifying in hydrogeology
  • Dealing with complaints about work quality of its members and about violating the ethical code, arbitrating technical disputes, consulting and counselling services for state and local authorities, private companies as well as individuals
  • Ensuring the quality of expertise in hydrogeology
  • You can contact us by our Contact Form

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